Today Is Judgment Day

by firstweekly

Today is Judgment Day

I repeat: TODAY is Judgment Day.

Judgment may come in minutes. Judgment may come in hours, at noon or midnight, but leave no room for doubt. Today it is.

Print it out. Use a large font. Tape it to your fridge. Tape it to your car’s dashboard. Tape it to the inside and outside of your wallet. Tape it to your phone. Tape it to your iPhone, IPad, your monitor, your T.V. Tape it to your doors. “Today is Judgment Day”.


Now, go ahead and live.

LIVE. Engage. Go about your life. Do your duty. Do your job. Be a parent, a coach, a neighbor, a friend, a spouse, a lover, a caretaker.

All the while, never forgetting – for a moment – that Today IS Judgment Day.

Is Exercise Without Fun Work?

Exercise without fun is work. Fun that includes an exercise or work-out component is pleasure, is fun. Get that? I somewhat dread – okay, maybe just don’t always look forward to going to the gym. Now, I’m certain that some folks who go to the gym do look forward to it, for a variety of […]

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Simplest Successful Weight Loss Strategy Number 2

I love peanut butter, particularly the “chunky” version with bits of peanuts. I especially love peanut butter on freshly opened, crispy graham crackers. I love chunky peanut butter on crispy graham crackers with glass of cold milk, all the colder for leaving empty glasses in the freezer. I love peanut butter for its “ease as […]

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Simple Truth Number 1 of Dieting and Weight Loss

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Attention to Details Defines Successful Diets

After years of up and down weight and multiple approaches to losing or controlling weight through dieting let me declare one personal discovery as likely a universal truth: attention to detail is critical to the success of any and every weight loss program. What do I mean by “attention to detail”? Simply this: every bit […]

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Half Off Restaurant or Dining Coupon Etiquette

One of my most favorite deals or coupons are dining or restaurant coupons that offer either “two for the price of one” dining or half-off the price of dinner for two. Why are they my favorite? Well, not just because 2-for-1 dinner deals provide a great savings on a night out. It’s also because I […]

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Best Way to Get Coupons and Deals by EMail

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Surviving The Seasonal SAD Blues Days of Winter

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Recycling Christmas Trees Is For The Birds

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This is the view through the jalousie window in our kitchen, next to the stove, facing into the backyard across the patio and driveway. Notice the evergreen tree to the left? It’s not a live tree. It’s our Christmas tree, upright by virtue of still sitting in its base. Notice what’s around the tree? A […]

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Why Feeding Birds Matters

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Savings Versus Costs Of Fast Food And Processed Food Coupons

America is waking up to one of its problems: our addiction to foods that are contributing to an epidemic of obesity. What are these foods? Is it the “food’s fault”? The foods in question tend to be high in fat content and, also, often high in sodium content. Such foods also tend to be a […]

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Nuts To You And Your Diet Plan

Earlier, I wrote to suggest that one of the keys to a successful diet, exercise and weight loss plan is to plan to snack as a remedy to uncontrolled or unplanned “impulse eating”. One of my favorite snacks, it turns out, is a hand full of almonds. I wasn’t always a big almond fan, but […]

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Exercise Everywhere – The Start Of An Excercise Plan

Maybe I’m just old and it’s a pure rationalization, but – as the saying goes – “I have to start somewhere”. So I’ve chosen to start my “get in shape, diet and exercise plan” by exerciszing eveywhere. Ya, I know what you’ll say. “Lame” or “Lame excuse for the real thing”, but you know what? […]

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The V-8 Vegetable Juice Diet

I was raised on meat and potatoes, and the occasional helping of corn, but other than that I was a hard sell on vegetables. Maybe it had something to do with most of those vegetables coming out of a can, but mom was a city girl and it was the 50s and 60s and so […]

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Planned Snacking As The Antidote To Impulse Eating

What is “impulse eating” and why is it public enemy number one in the crime called “the fattening of America”? I refer to anything I eat, that isn’t planned or scheduled, as impulse or impulsive eating. It works something like this: I see food, I eat it. I see food on the counter, in the […]

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The Child Born On The Sabbath Day Is Bonny And Blithe And Good And Gay

But the child who is born on the Sabbath Day Is bonny and blithe and good and gay Obviously the child born on the “Sabbath Day” – being bonny (pleasing to they eye), blithe (carefree, happy), good and gay (cheery, festive, high-spirited) – has received manifold blessings, which may inclue good genes and prenatal care, […]

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