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Is Exercise Without Fun Work?

Exercise without fun is work. Fun that includes an exercise or work-out component is pleasure, is fun. Get that? I somewhat dread – okay, maybe just don’t always look forward to going to the gym. Now, I’m certain that some folks who go to the gym do look forward to it, for a variety of […]

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Surviving The Seasonal SAD Blues Days of Winter

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If you suffer from any degree of “seasonal blues” or “seasonal affective disorder” or “SAD” then chances are you know that the early days of February can be some of the lowest or worst “mood days” of the year. First, what is seasonal affective disorder? The short answer is that SAD is a mild form […]

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Free Will and Weight Loss

“Free will.” Sounds easy, doesn’t it? The “free” in free will lends to the appearance of ease: of availablity, of availability, without cost or charge. Yet, consider the realm of body weight and its affects our health. How many of us are over-weight? Are we overweight because we “will it”? Would we impose the consequences […]

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Calendars for the Expecting Mom

Well, it finally went and happened, and fortunately it happened in “good form” -> as in “first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby . . “. What finally happened? Well, the “next generation” is what happened in our little clan of my brother, my sister and yours truly. My sister’s son and his […]

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