Christmas Sale Circulars

by firstweekly

While I’m not always of big fan of shopping sale advertisements what’s not to like about Christmas sale circulars?

They are:

  • Colorful, often “highly decorated” reminders of the holiday season
  • They are, after a fashion, like the first Christmas cards – colorful and cheery
  • They are full of timely holiday sales news
  • Sale circulars arrive several days before the sale allowing your to plan your shopping
  • They put the best deals right on the front page
  • Even when they’re laying atop the table (ahem) they don’t look all that bad
  • Sometimes sale circulars can even provide hints about what you’re getting for Christmas

I’m not saying I’m a big fan of junk mail or wasted paper, but at this time of year I’m willing to bend the rules a little and be a little more forgiving.

So, bring ‘em on Best Buy, Sears, Macys, even the local grocery store Shop-Rite. I’m in the mood for a good bargain.

And I’m in the market for a seriously discounted . . new laptop. ;)

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