Savings Versus Costs Of Fast Food And Processed Food Coupons

by firstweekly

America is waking up to one of its problems: our addiction to foods that are contributing to an epidemic of obesity. What are these foods? Is it the “food’s fault”?

The foods in question tend to be high in fat content and, also, often high in sodium content.

Such foods also tend to be a favorite target of “incentivized eating” by coupon. There are LOTS of coupons available for fast food, processed foods – the so-called “convenience foods”.

Which leads me to ask: Every time you or I clip or download a grocery coupon, for a convenience food or processed food, especially one that is high in fat, salt and calories, are we saving $.50 or $1.00 now only to be faced with having to pay a much higher cost in the future?

Are we saving pennies on a path that will cost us tens of thousands of dollars in lost productivity as we pay a price for a diet high in fats and salts, and relatively low in nutritional value compared to other foods?

Will the minutes we save today, from the “conveniece” of pop-in-the-microwave or oven foods, be taken away from us in units measured in months or years of lost life or quality of life?

We are human. I suspect we are hard wired to seek out what is found in many processed foods: fats, salts, a quick burst of caloric energy. We “enjoy it” because we are hardwired, from many generations of evolution, to seek out high calorie foods that may allow us to survive when food is not abundant. It’s just a guess. I haven’t researched the research. But something accounts for why we are drawn to such foods. The phenomena is so universal that logic suggests it’s more than just advertisements.

And coupons for frozen pizzas, fast foods, quick microwave snacks.

But if you can stop and think about it, and confront the long term view of what may be the consequences of the act of fast food and convenience food couponing, you may have a moment where you see that for every “saving” there is a cost and for every minute saved there is a cost, possibly in years.

Choose your coupons circumspectly, wisely, taking into account not only the savings but the costs.

It may affect your decision of just what coupon you should clip, and in the acting of not downloading or clipping the “money saving coupon”, you may actually be saving more money or more time.

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