Christmas Gift Ideas for Young Men Who Dont Want Anything

by firstweekly

What’s the perfect Christmas gift to buy for a young man who doesn’t want anything?

In theory it shouldn’t be too hard to pick a Christmas present for a newly independent young man, as most young men – especially the industrious ones who have made it their mission to get a place of their own – should, at least in theory, “need stuff” for their first apartment.

But, here’s the rub and it isn’t necessarily a bad one.

Some young men are of the mind that us older folks, and maybe the larger world, are too much into consumerism – i.e., “we buy/own too much stuff” and, as an expression of their world view, when asked “What do you want for Christmas”, they will reply “Nothing”. And mean it.

So, what to buy the young man who doesn’t have much of anything but doesn’t wont for what he doesn’t have?

How’s that for a dilema?

Maybe a handmade gift, even if it’s not made by my own hands? I’m not certain that would fly but chances are supporing a starving artisan or craftsman would be less of an offense.

Time of reflect and to respect the wishes of the gift receiver.

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