Simple Truth Number 1 of Dieting and Weight Loss

by firstweekly

I know this “truth about dieting and weight loss” (“truth” as in “true for me”) from experience.

So, or but, don’t take my word for it. (Forgive the grammar. It’s necessary. Truths, if they are ever to be empowering – a source of power or personal power or empowerment – need to be of your own making, revealed, brought forth, conjured up or cobbled together from your own experience.)

Here’s great revealed truth Number 1, one that for me has been noticeably empowering in my effort to “eat better”: When I am true to my plan to cut back on total calories and “I’m hungry” then the foods I have stocked up on – the healtier=lower fat + lower sugar foods – all begin to a) taste better, b) are more satisfying, and, c) become desirable.

I’m not sure why they taste better. Perhaps because I pay more attention to taste when I’m hungry. Perhaps there’s something going on in the brain chemistry and sensory nerves. Perhaps I take my time seasoning food and experimenting, Whatever the reason my experience is that when I am staying the course with my diet/dieting I begin to notice that fruits, vegetables and pretty much everthing begins to offer me a greater, more satisfying sensory and dining experience.

So, that’s one good reason for undertaking to lose weight, diet, shed a few pounds.

A better, more enjoyable eating experience of those foods that are actually and also good for a human’s body and health.

Your reward, for eating less or “being willing to be hungry” – and that last part is really important because that’s at the heart of success – is in a heightened, more enjoyable, more focused eating experience.

As I told my wife today “I imagine that, to a starving man, stumbling across a carrot would be the most wonderous food or dining experience”.

I’m not starving but I’m noticing carrots are tastier than when I had ready access to an unlimited supply of peanut butter and graham crackers.

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