The V-8 Vegetable Juice Diet

by firstweekly

I was raised on meat and potatoes, and the occasional helping of corn, but other than that I was a hard sell on vegetables.

Maybe it had something to do with most of those vegetables coming out of a can, but mom was a city girl and it was the 50s and 60s and so vegetables came from cans. To me, most vegetables were bland and mushy, probably because vegetables that come from cans . . . have that tendency.

There was also a time when I wouldn’t eat tomatoes and fresh peas and other greens, but my future mother-in-law and sisters-in-law  took care of that. “What? You won’t eat tomatoes? Peas? Green beans? (Whatever) What are you? A scaredy cat? A baby?”

Then there was a time when drinking a V-8 juice just didn’t hit the right chord. Tomato juice? Yech. Tomato juice with carrots and celery and other goodies? “I’ll pass”.

Then came a time when I decided that V-8 juice was a healthy alternative or potentially a healthy supplement, so I bought a case. I drank about 5 cans. The remaining cans sat in the box until the expiration date on the cans passed.

Recently, I chose to revisit the idea of supplementing my diet or substituting something – like “healthy (high calorie) fruit juice” – with V-8, but there was a problem: sodium. Regular V-8 juice contains a healthy dose of sodium and one of the side effects of excess weight and growing older and being a bit too sedentary if creeping blood pressure. So sodium, salt, NaCl is just not desirable.

But all is not lost. Some genius at the V-8 vegetable juice company decided it was time to create a low sodium version of the stuff! My salvation, and there’s too, as I’m certain lowering the sodium content is opening up new markets. Like the babyboomer market that grew up on Jack LaLane and his emphasis on healthy juice supplements.

Now, I’m not entirely a love of V-8, but here’s a little dieting secret of success: when you are hungry, because you choose to be (cutting calories), stuff that doesn’t always appeal to the palette – like raw veges as a snack or juiced veges – tend to be a lot more rewarding to the food hungry brain and taste buds.

No kidding. V-8 actually is tastier if you’re hungry.

Now, with due respect to the folks at V-8, I also have to admit that drinking the stuff becomes a bit of an acquired taste. As you  get through your 5th or 10th or 15th can you begin to develop a gustatory relationship with the stuff. You know what goes with it. You know when to drink it. You know whether you like it cold or like it in a chilled glass at room temperature.

Me? All of the above and one more. I put several cans on the window sill in my office, where they get a little bit colder (in the winter) than if they just sat on my desk.

If you haven’t tried it in awhile let me suggest you revisit the product. Just follow the guidelines above, including experimenting (buy a case) and drinking it when you’re hungry.  You may find that what you once couldn’t tolerate you soon develop a taste for.

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