Exercise Everywhere – The Start Of An Excercise Plan

by firstweekly

Maybe I’m just old and it’s a pure rationalization, but – as the saying goes – “I have to start somewhere”.

So I’ve chosen to start my “get in shape, diet and exercise plan” by exerciszing eveywhere.

Ya, I know what you’ll say. “Lame” or “Lame excuse for the real thing”, but you know what? One thing I’ve learned with age is that you have to do what works for yourself – not what someone else thinks will work for you. That is, so long as you are actually “working it” or “working act it”.

In my case, and probably like many others, I have had a history of getting fired up to get fit and then overdoing it and injuring some body part: a knee, a calf muscle, an elbow, a shoulder.

How? Often by “testing myself”. Seeing if I “can still do it”. Bench press, leg press or leg curl X-number of pounds. Run at a certain speed for a certain time. Or, my old favorite: get out on a basketball court and “push it”.

I’m tired of the start-and-stop pattern of getting back into shape. There was a time when I managed “to be fit” without even having to think about exercising. When was that?

When I was “more active”. When I didn’t sit at a desk, every day, for hours a day. The kind of days where my only activity (read exercise) is getting up from my chair to get a cup of coffee or getting up to empty the “processed coffee”. ;)

So, the start of my current effort to return to fitness is to return to the old ways of simply increasing the amount of motion in my daily life. This means more chores, finding more reasons to climb a ladder, compelling myself to put things where they belong – now – instead of accumulating a collection of things to put away “efficiently, as in all in one”.

I could stand to be less efficient.

I could stand and move.

The beauty of this approach to “starting up an excercise plan” is that such movement – picking things up. putting things in different places, getting outside into the yard to do some chore in the middle of winter – all of activity and motions is a bit like cross-training. I am moving different body parts. Using different muscles. Stretching this and that part of my body.

Sure, it’s not the same as going to the gym and cruising on the eliptical machine for 30 minutes.

But note that I didn’t say “I’m not doing that”. I am, though not yet religiously.

I’m just supplementing and supporting my effort to get back into shape by doing what I used to do to stay in shape without really trying.

I moved.

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