Whimsy is the Antidote for Excess Seriousness

by firstweekly

I have, more than I can to admit, been said to be “serious” and that I cannot deny. Seriousness is not a bad trait for a professional. However, like everything else in life there’s the matter of balance.

Today, in an effort to regain a bit of balance I resorted to my old friend whimsy. I am a BIG friend of the whimsical, especially when my life is a bit less about the urgency and demands of life.

To aid in my reminder to “lighten up” I sometimes resort to props, personal gentle reminders to back off, slow down, chill, decompress. One of my constant reminders is my somewhat less than serious Mickey Mouse watch. However, that’s hardly a chill pill all in itself.

So, this evening, while struggling (literally and physically) about the business of redesigning my home office (including moving file cabinets) the thought occurred that I should round up some of my favorite whimsical lights and lamps and place them in my office.

Whimsical lights and lamps? Sure, my

  • Lava lamp
  • Rocket ship lamp (from the Seattle Space Needle)
  • Electrostatic globe (little arcs of electrons inside a glass sphere)

So now they’re all place atop my file cabinet, doing their thing. The Rocket lamp glowing its Martian red. The lava lamp oil globules silently soaring and falling. And that little electrostatic globe, emitting arcs of electrons, beckoning me to come and place my finger next to the bulb so the electrons may restore my personal electro-balance. ;)

Yes, if you are like me just a bit too “serious” – and who isn’t in this economy – then allow me to suggest that you round up your objects of whimsy: a favorite toy or doll, a favorite poster or piece of art, a shining facted crystal object, whatever it is that reminds you that life requires balance.

Enjoy a little whimsy today. It’s probably good for your health.

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