Is there Still Value in Weekly News Magazines

by firstweekly

There was a time when I subscribed to multiple weekly news magazines, such as Time, Newsweek and U.S. News and World Report. I enjoyed reading them. I enjoyed the quality of the writing, the depth of coverage, the quality images.

For awhile now, thought I haven’t subscribed to any weekly news magazine.


It’s wasn’t a decision of great deliberation, since it wasn’t as if I would be “going without the news”.

My thoughts went something like this:

  • I find most of what I need online
  • What I find online is free, if not ad free
  • My sense of “need for depth of coverage” isn’t that great
  • I subscribe to cable TV so I have ready access to real time news
  • Etc

But lately I’m finding the quality and depth of coverage and the convenience of “getting a good read” is not what it used to be.

Sure, I can read the news on a mobile device, but part of me tires of looking “at screens”.  And, I’m getting a bit older to the process itself isn’t as easy as it once was. My eyes . . . well . . . they are asking for a change.

So, I’m giving thought of returning to reading at least one weekly news magazine.

Due to being a daily listener and oftimes contributor to Public Radio I’m leaning towards . . . (Come on all you NPR listeners, you know where I’m heading) . . . Newsweek.

Why Newsweek? Well, for one, it was always a decent read.

The other reason? It seems every time I subscribe/donate to my local public radio station one of the “incentives” tends to be a subscription to Newseek. ;)

Which, by the way, suggests that – as weekly news magazines go – Newsweek may have some economic apreciation for reaching the type of people who not only listen to Public Radio but also contribute.

Sounds like smart business by a smart weekly news magazine.

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