Recycling Christmas Trees Is For The Birds

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by firstweekly

This is the view through the jalousie window in our kitchen, next to the stove, facing into the backyard across the patio and driveway.

Notice the evergreen tree to the left? It’s not a live tree. It’s our Christmas tree, upright by virtue of still sitting in its base.

Notice what’s around the tree? A variety of bird feeders: a squirrel stopping pole bird feeder, a small tube feeder with a platform base, a hanging feeder (hanging from the basketball net). What you can’t see is all the seed on the ground nearby.

Folks, it’s winter and the leaves are off the trees. We have a resident hawk, who though we understand his nature, we don’t quite feel right putting out seed to attract birds for the hawk’s benefit. So, what to do?

Well, the Juncos have a neat trick of running for cover under the cars, but what about everybody else?

We have chosen to ease our Christmas tree into its next life by slowly recycling it.

First, we recycle the tree as a tree. With the cold of winter and a little water in the tree base it will keep most of its needles until Spring. After that we can take it to the vegatative recycling center for further recycling or we can haul it to the nearby woods for slower natural recycling.

Do we ever get looks for having our Christmas tree sitting in our backyard? Maybe, but once we explain its role as serving both as perch and cover for the birds visiting us in winter most folks take to the idea.

So, next year, do you favorite birds – the one’s you put out seed and birdfeeders for – a favor by extending the life of your Christmas tree and using it “next” as a perch and hiding place for your favorite winter birds.

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