Friday’s Child Is Loving And Giving

by firstweekly

“Friday’s child is loving and giving . . ”

I can think of one reason why the child born on Friday is “loving and giving”. It’s because, being born on Friday, mom and dad – and all the happy relatives – had the weekend to engage the happy arrival at a more leisurely, loving and giving pace. Think of it as imprinting. First impressions matter. ;)

Just kidding of course, as the truth is that in most births the world either stops or slows down for the arrival of a newborn, an infant, a baby . . for the moment a child is born.

It being the nearing the eve of Christmas it’s only fitting that I add:

I cas I forget to say it, Merry Christmas. May all your’s arrive safe, sound and warm. May your travels and days and nights be festive.

Amen. ;)

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