The Child Born On The Sabbath Day Is Bonny And Blithe And Good And Gay

by firstweekly

But the child who is born on the Sabbath Day
Is bonny and blithe and good and gay

Obviously the child born on the “Sabbath Day” – being bonny (pleasing to they eye), blithe (carefree, happy), good and gay (cheery, festive, high-spirited) – has received manifold blessings, which may inclue good genes and prenatal care, good parents and grandparents, and a litany of other blessings of circumstance.

Happy-go-lucky people can somtimes remind us, by example, to “keep things in perspective”. I can, at times, be dismissive of people advising that I keep a “positive outlook”. At other times I’m reminded on the true state of affairs – that life really IS a matter of perspective – reminded by those able or practiced in the art of seeing things in a positive light.

Bonny people – those pleasing to the eye – you might think “have it all”. You know that’s not the truth. You know that just by looking around or listening: “My looks are fading”. “I’ve put on a few pounds.” “She’s on her third husband.” If you have it all on the outside and none on the inside what are you? A manequin? Someone “keeping up appearances”? All the bonny. None of the good and gay. Which can make the “bonny people” who truly ARE ALSO good and gay and loving and humble and caring . . . all the more attractive.

May you find your inner Sunday’s child. There are more than enough grumpy or unhappy folk in the world, so much so that neither heaven, nor earth, will begrudge you being just a bit more . . bonny . . and blithe . . and good . . and gay.

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